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Dental Check-Ups & Cleanings in Renton, WA

Being able to enjoy a happy, healthy smile is important for patients of all ages, and our team at Renton Dental Arts would love to be your trusted partner in achieving, and maintaining this goal. Even those who practice diligent oral hygiene fall victim to pain, damage, and decay over the years, and these issues aren’t always noticeable to the untrained eye. That’s where regular check-ups and cleanings come in. During these crucial visits, Dr. Brandon Ford or Chad Merkel learn everything there is to know about the unique state of your smile, and patients from Renton, Kent, and beyond leave feeling refreshed and confident.

Thorough Evaluations

During your check-up, our examination is exhaustive  forming a complete picture of your oral health. Either Dr. Ford or Dr. Merkel start by performing a visual examination, closely inspecting the surfaces of each of your teeth, gums, bite, existing restorations, and other important areas. Digital X-rays show us the structures that can’t be successfully viewed with the naked eye. Periodontal charting and oral cancer screenings are performed. Our team members do everything we can to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout this process.

Once we have the necessary information at our disposal, the doctor who performed your evaluation sits down to discuss the findings. If needed, he works with you to create a personalized treatment plan so potential areas of damage or pain are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Rejuvenating Hygiene

Over time, plaque forms on teeth, and while it can be removed through regular oral hygiene, even diligent brushers may miss an area or two. This causes plaque to harden, forming a tough deposit known as tartar that can’t be washed away without professional help.  A cleaning with one of our trusted hygienists gets rid of these areas and refreshes your mouth leaving teeth feeling nicely polished.

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