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Our Preventive Dentistry Services in Renton, WA

Prevention is an important cornerstone of the care we provide in Renton, WA. After all, isn’t it better to stop a problem before it than to face damaging consequences later on? Dr. Brandon Ford and Dr. Chad Merkel love welcoming families of all kinds at Renton Dental Arts, and we work closely with every patient in order to find the perfect, personalized measures that strengthen and protect smiles. Patients enjoy the friendly and relaxing, spa-like atmosphere of our office during each visit. When you have a smile that looks and functions properly, you face the world with confidence! 

Check-Ups & Cleanings

Everyone needs a little extra help when it comes to maintaining great oral health. That’s why we recommend patients of all ages attend two check-ups and hygiene sessions a year at Renton Dental Arts. These visits allow us to be familiar with your smile, locate any changes immediately, and refresh your teeth and gums.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are perfect for children with new, permanent teeth who need a little extra protection while they learn to brush and floss properly. By painting sealants over the chewing surfaces of back molars (notorious for trapping food particles), Dr. Ford and Dr. Merkel effectively seal the area, significantly decreasing the chances of cavities forming. Our Renton team may also recommend sealants for adults in certain cases.

Oral Appliances for Bruxism and TMJ Dysfunction

We have the ability to smoothly open and close and our mouths because of two triangular-shaped joints located in front of our ears. They're known as temporomandibular joints (TMJ). For many, they function intended with no discomfort for the patient, but in other cases, stress or a misaligned bite causes these joints to dysfunction. When this happens, nerve endings become exposed, resulting in painful symptoms including frequent headaches, earaches, or pain in the neck, back, or shoulders.

Our Renton office takes TMJ dysfunction very seriously and is committed to evaluating patients for it at every regular checkup. If we detect TMJ dysfunction, we may recommend treatment with an oral appliance. Oral appliance therapy corrects the underlying issues causing discomfort. As a result, symptoms fade and wellbeing improves. We also talk to you about managing stress and recommend other symptom relief measures.

Periodontal Therapy for Gum Disease Treatment

If our team discovers you’re suffering from periodontal disease, there are several gum disease treatment options available. Our recommendation depends on how far your condition has progressed. For patients in the early stages, the solution could be a simple as improving your oral hygiene routine at home or undergoing an additional cleaning at Renton Dental Arts. For more moderate cases, we treat your condition by providing in-depth cleaning known as scaling and root planing.

Children’s Dentistry for Your Little Ones

Renton Dental Arts is happy to serve children as young as three years old. After all, kids are just as vulnerable to oral health problems as adults.

We understand what it can be like for a young patient to visit a dental office for the first time. That's why we recommend bringing your little one with you on one of your checkups first. Early exposure to the sights, sounds, and friendly helpers at our office helps your child have a better first checkup.

Your son or daughter's first visit with us includes a cleaning and a tooth-by-tooth exam. During the exam, we check for proper tooth development and common problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

As your child grows, we discuss brushing and flossing techniques. We may recommend preventive therapies like dental sealants or a fluoride supplement.  Sealants use a thin but safe layer of plastic to protect the chewing surfaces of teeth (particularly the back teeth), while fluoride attracts minerals that are essential for strong, healthy enamel. With these protective measures, your son or daughter enjoy greater protection from cavities.

We look forward to helping your children learn the importance of good oral health. Call us today to reserve an appointment for your little one.

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