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Root Canal Therapy in Renton, WA

Your teeth may look simple on the outside, but within, they actually contain several layers all leading down to what’s known as the “nerve” of the tooth. While this area should be well-protected, severe decay or a traumatic injury expose it to dangerous bacteria and may cause infection. If you’re experiencing this situation, don’t wait – contact Renton Dental Arts right away to schedule an appointment with Dr. Chad Merkel or Dr. Brandon Ford. Root canal therapy could be the saving grace your tooth needs to restore function and health. You’ll also get to enjoy our friendly team members and relaxing atmosphere while you’re here! 

Common signs that root canal therapy may be necessary include:

  • Significant discomfort in a certain tooth, especially when something hot or cold comes into contact with it
  • If a certain tooth becomes darker or strangely discolored
  • Overly irritated or swollen gums in a specific area of the mouth
  • Pain that occurs when biting, chewing, or applying pressure to a certain tooth

Once Dr. Ford or Dr. Merkel determine that your tooth is in need of root canal therapy, the procedure consists of a few simple steps. First, we access the inner chamber of the affected tooth and clean out the diseased pulp inside removing dangerous bacteria with it. Next, we refill the area with a safe, biocompatible substance, and then seal it shut reducing the risk of further infection. Finally, a custom crown (made the same day with our CEREC technology) is placed on top of the treated tooth, restoring lost structure and leaving it looking better than ever.

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